We are now accepting applications. Deadline Friday, April 26th at 12:00 noon. 

«Lyden av leire» Brit Dyrnes, Rannei Grene & Lena Nymark. In Mottaket 2022. Photo: Mateo Christensen

Mottaket Residency is a new residency in Ålesund, Norway for artists in all artistic disciplines. The residency is created and run by Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap. The purpose of the residency is to explore interdisciplinary collaboration and expand international networks. 

Two artists will be offerede a two-week residency in Ålesund, Norway. 

Each artist will get: 

Read more about the program and how to apply below. 


Mottaket Residency 2024 runs from 8th of July until the 21st of July and includes: 

– Accommodation through Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap:  
Each resident artist will have a free furnished apartment/house in the city centre of Ålesund for 2 weeks.  

– A workspace at Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap:  
Each resident artist has their own workspace of around 120 square meters or more.  

  1. «Mottaket» a bright, spacious white box room with windows lookng on to a busy street and contact with people in passing. The room is equipped with a sink and small kitchenette, professional lighting system and an 8-speaker system with microphones, 2 tv-screens and a projector. 
  1. «Verkstad da Vinci» a secluded, spacious room equipped with two sinks, stage with molton stage-curtains, simple professional lighting and a simple PA system with microphones. “Office” with kitchenette. 

– Access to workshop facilities at Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap:  
Woodprint workshop, screen printing workshop, lithography workshop, risoprinter, access to computer with adobe programs. Community kitchen shared with the 7 studio artists at Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap 

– A host accessible for two days for touring the area and give advice on local integration and network development activities. 

– The artist receives a payment (honorarium) of 20 000 NOK

– A production budget up to 2500 NOK. 

– The works produced during the residency can be the object of a public showcase in the Moving-festival in Ålesund, February 2025, either in the festival or in the opening seremony. 

What we require from the selected artists during the program: 

– The production of an artwork. 

– A willingness/desire to collaborate with other artists, craftsmen and others who work in the cultural field in Ålesund. (A host will be at your disposal). 

– Participation in a public showcase and talk at Mottaket or other venues suitable for your type of art genre. 


Applicants must be individual professional artists with a desire to work with interdisciplinary methods. 
This entails that: 

The selection criteria are as follows: 


Send your application as a single PDF file of max. 10 MB. 
Consisting of motivational letter, CV and relevant works. 

Send the application to mottaketkunst@gmail.com an write “Mottaket Residency 2024” in the subject field. 

Deadline for application: April 26th 2024, at 12.00 noon (CET). 


The jury is composed of 4 representatives from Aggregat Kunstnerfellesskap, consisting of administration and interdisciplinary artists. 

The jury will select the artists based on the criteria mentioned, and the results of the selection process will be announced on the 8th of May 2024. 

We will try to answer questions about the residency or the open call. Due to the high volume of applications for the Summer Residency, we are limited in our ability to answer all questions, project coordinator, Sofia Ohlsson mottaketkunst@gmail.com